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Stevens(now under Savage) is a manufacturer of quality shotguns. The company was an American firearms company that produced a number of shotgun, pistol, and rifle designs. By 1902 the company was considered the worlds largest producer of sporting arms. In 1915 the company was purchased by New England Westinghouse, then in 1920 was purchased by Savage Arms. The company produces low cost shotguns available in different variations and calibers. One of the company’s popular model is the Model 555. The Model 555 is a affordable over under shotgun designed for skeet shooting or bird hunting. The shotgun features Turkish Walnut stock, chrome lined 28 inch barrels. The more modern tactical model is the 320 Security Bead Sight. The 320 Security features a smooth, pump action, rotary bolt and dual slide bars and is available with different sighting options. If you are in the market for a quality made shotgun, then check out the Stevens brand from Savage Arms.