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Sig Sauer is a manufacturer of high quality firearms and accessories. The company produces and manufactures state of the art firearms that have been used by law enforcement, military, and civilian shooters from around the world. Sig Sauer’s reputation for manufacturing high quality products that are designed from the ground up to work in the harshest of environments are a testament to the company’s dedication and commitment to its customers. Sig Sauer is a systems provider which means the company offers the customer everything they will need to start shooting, from the firearms themselves, to the ammunition, to the optics, Sig Sauer offers a complete set up. The company offers a line of airguns for training, as well as a line of ammunition and optics. Some of Sig Sauer’s most popular models include the P226, P229, P320, P365, MPX/MCX. If you interested in acquiring a feature laden, high quality product, then check out Sig Sauer.