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MAGPUL is a high quality firearm accessory manufacturer. Magpul Industries was founded in 1999 with two separate divisions, one for product development and the other for firearms training videos. The company designs and manufacturers high quality polymer composite products for firearms. Magpul Industries took their name from their own product MagPul (Magazine puller) which is an accessory that allows the user to easily pull magazines from pouches. The company offers a wide range of products to include the popular PMAG. The PMAG is a polymer magazine for the AR-15/M4 style of firearms. The features include impact resistant composition, easy to disassemble, anti tilt, and self lubricating follower. The company also produces high stocks for for rifles and shotguns, some of the popular models are the CTR and UBR stocks. The company produces handguards, grips, sights, and gear like gloves, phone cases, and more. If you are looking for a high quality magazine or stock, then check out Magpul.