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Magnum Research is a firearms manufacturer of high quality, innovative firearms and accessories. The company began in 1979, where the goal was to create and manufacture high quality firearms that were innovative. The first firearm they created would be the company’s most popular and recognizable, The Desert Eagle pistol. The designers were looking to harness the power of a magnum cartridge, but reliably function and cycle in a semi auto handgun. After a couple of years and some refinement by IMI(Israel Military Industries), it was ready for production. The Desert Eagle is offered in different calibers and finishes and is an iconic firearm being used in countless movies and videogames. The BFR(Biggest Finest Revolver) is the company’s other unique design in that the revolver was built form the ground up as a magnum revolver available in 10 calibers and two frames, some of the calibers for the long cylinder are: .30/30 Win, .444 Marlin, .450 Marlin, .45LC/.410, .45/70 Govt, .460 S&W, and the .500 S&W. If you are in the market for a iconic firearm, or wish to own the biggest revolver, then check out Magnum Research.