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Kalashnikov USA is a manufacturer of AK patterned rifles and pistols. The company prides themselves on building and manufacturing AK patterned rifles and pistols on true, Russian blueprints to offer the consumer a Russian AK made with the fit and finish that comes with an American made product. Each product exiting the facility must meet and exceed their quality control program. The company offers a variety of models to include the KP-9 which is a AK pistol variant that’s chambered in 9mm. Another model is the KS-12 line of shotguns. Based off the Russian SAIGA, the shotguns are built to exact blueprints to give the user a SAIGA shotgun that they can now own and is made in the USA. The shotgun is offered in multiple variants to the basic KS-12, to the KS-12T tactical model. Also the company produces the KR-103. The 103 design was one of the last designs that Mikhail Kalashnikov had overseen before he passed away. Now consumers can own a American made 103 chambered in the original 7.62x39mm cartridge. If you are in the market for a AK style firearm in either configuration, then check out Kalashnikov USA.