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Glock is a manufacturer of the polymer framed, striker fired pistol in use around the world. Designer Gaston Glock designed and produced the firearm for the Austrian military who was looking to replace their aging World War II era handguns. Glock along with others firearm manufacturers submitted their design for testing and in 1982 the Glock handgun was adopted by police and military units. The Glock handgun was a top performer in safety and reliability tests performed. Glock handguns have been in use all over the world from militaries, police departments, and security details in over 48 countries. The ease and simplicity of the design is the key to the company’s success, creating a firearm that will perform under the harshest of conditions all the while making the gun easy to operate for new shooters. Glock was one of the few manufacturers at the time to make use of polymers in firearms and be successful. Glock is one of the brands regularly used in IPSC competitions and other tournaments due to the pistols ease of use and great trigger. Some of the popular models used in competition is the Glock 34,35, and 41. The Glock 34 is a 9mm pistol with a 5″ barrel and a cut out in the slide to help with weight reduction. The other two models 35 is chambered in 40 S&W and the 41 is chambered in .45 ACP. The Glock pistol is also used for concealed carry with many different models of the pistols designed for carry. One of the favorite models for concealed carry is the Glock 43 and 43X. The 43 is a single stack 9mm pistol that holds 6 rounds, the 43X holds 10 rounds. One of the company’s most popular designs is the Glock 19 which was the number one selling pistol on Gunbroker in 2020. If you are in need of a high quality, reliable handgun for concealed carry, range use, or home defense, then check out Glock.