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Century Arms was founded in 1961 by William Sucher who at the time was a typewriter repairman. He took a Lee Enfield bolt action rifle in trade for a repair job and decided to list it for sale but received numerous inquires about the rifle rather than the typewriters he repaired. He then decided to venture into the surplus rifle and handgun market. With the aid of his brother-in-law Manny Weigensberg, Sucher made contacts in foreign countries to import military surplus rifles and handguns. By the 1970’s or so Century became the single largest importer of firearms in the United States and Canada. Today Century produces a wide variety of firearms from AK style rifles to H&K patterned rifles and pistols, to more modern offerings such as Canik handguns. They also produce ammunition under the Red Army Standard brand. Whatever your need, Century has got you covered.